CVIT Graphic Design Midterm

Dooms Day

Part 1 – Principles

Find 2 Good examples for each of the following principles (one of the examples should be graphic design related, like websites, posters, business cards, letter head, logos, etc.) and write one complete sentence for each about how it is a good example of that principle:




Focal Point


Unity of Three

Big Medium & Small

Rule of 3rds

You can look on for good examples of design.

Principles PDF



Using two of the design principles above and Unity of Three & Big Medium Small, create an illustration of a snowy mountain landscape in Photoshop using just the lasso tool, bucket tool,  gradient tool , and brush tool.

Make sure to begin by looking at some reference of actual mountains (Flickr) and thumbnailing out your design before you start working in Photoshop.


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